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  1. Download and install a WordPress folder into our local host;
  2. We will either:
    • Buy any premium theme you prefer from Theme Forest;
    • Provide you with a premium theme we are already experienced with that will fit your business purposes;
  3. Install the theme selected at 2nd step into the folder created at 1st step;
  4. Based on the content you provide, we can:
    • Set up pages for header menu;
    • Upload images & videos;
    • Install and activate plugins;
    • Fit and arrange content into pages;
  5. Domain name:
    • If you currently own one, we can point it to the new hosting service;
    • If you don’t own one, we can buy it for you (Subject to availability);
  6. Hosting service:
    • If you currently own one, we can use it to upload the newly created WordPress website;
    • If you don’t own one, we can look up for the best hosting provider to upload the newly created WordPress website (e.g. GoDaddy, Hosting24, etc.);
  7. Upload the local hosted WordPress folder to the specific host which can then be visualised at your specific domain (e.g.;
  8. The project manager in charge of this website will either:
    • come to meet you face-to-face and present how to administrate the website;
    • send you a video based specifically on your website with step by step explanation;

      ** If you are not interested in taking any administrative role, have a look at our monthly maintenance service. 

The duration of this option is mostly based on what is discussed face-to-face, but 2-10 working daysshould be considered once all the information is provided.

The cost of this option is mostly based on project’s details.


If you currently have a website but no longer satisfied with the “Looks & feels”, maybe it’s time to give Webodev a chance to prove how well they could re-design the whole website. This feature’s price may vary based on the platform your current website has been developed in.



If you don’t have any hosting provider in mind, we will provide you what it’s best.


We provide a comprehensive range of WordPress maintenance plans to suit organisations of all sizes.


Call us anytime from Mon-Fri starting with 9:00 to 18:00.


Our team are thoroughly experienced in WordPress security. We can thoroughly protect your website from attacks as well as be on hand to respond rapidly should your site be compromised.


Safeguard your website with our WordPress backup service. This ensures you always have a safe copy of your website.

DNS Management

Ensure your domain’s DNS is always pointing at the correct web server.